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Location Matters

In terms of mobile marketing, location plays a decisive role. It delivers a context that help marketers to interact with consumers in an appropriate situation. If a consumer is close to a store, an offer will be much more likely perceived as useful, and also has a much higher conversion rate. It is easier to utilize this offer because the consumer is already in the right place at the right time. However, GPS-based localization is limited by a lack of accuracy and only applicable for outdoor-positioning. For mobile marketing, these technical restrictions limit a range of exciting use cases.


Proximity matters more

The Beacon technology now enables brands, retailers, and app owners to utilize a more precise location-context that gives you deep insights into the true intentions and interests of your customers. Use your knowledge about your customers’ specific indoor-location and convert it into more meaningful customer interactions. Gain a greater relevance through customer-specific messages, enhance your product range with a new distribution channel, and establish new revenue streams while your customers get the information they really desire – all in the right place and time.

The BRICK technology

How does it work?

1 Simply put some Beacons in your location and manage your setup within our platform.


2 Use our platform to assign individual interactions to get in touch with your customer.


3 Get deep insights of your customer’s behavior and render indoor positioning-heatmaps while extensively considering privacy-issues.